What Turntable Should You Buy? Rega RP1 Vs Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable

What Turntable Should You I Buy? Rega RP1 or Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable? This question may sound lately. What turntable should you buy for under $ 500 USD?

The Rega RP1 and the Music Hall MMF 2.2 seem to be good candidates! Find the answer here.

I have experience extend to a people who have never tried the Rega RP1 and the Music Hall MMF-2.2 turntable, and the conclusion is as follows. See the comparison table.

Rega RP1 Turntable Review

“The Rega RP1 turntable, winner of the What Hi Fi Award for best Turntable under $500 makes its first public viewing. Complete with a new arm being a one piece design designed to unify performance and an Ortofon cartridge giving excellent performance.”

Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable Review

“The Music Hall MMF2.2 stays true to the Music Hall tradition. Including a $100 cartridge, it is a budget table that can satisfy serious listeners.”

Specification Rega RP1 Music Hall MMF-2.2
Power Supply Unspecified 110V/60Hz
Power Absorption 4mV 2VA
Speeds 33/45rpm 33 1/3 rpm, manual commutation to 45 rpm
Platter Phenolic Resin Stainless steel and bronze
Tonearm tube Aluminum Alloy Alloy Platter with Felt Mat
Cartridge Ortofon OM 5E Moving Magnet (MM) Phono
Dimensions 17.5 x 15 x 4.5 inch (450 x 385 x 115 mm) 16.75 x 12.6 x 4.33 inch (415 x 230 x 110 mm)
Weight (including pkg.) 9.2 lbs (4.2kg) 17lbs. (7.8 kg)

Rega RP1 Turntable


Rega RP1 Turntable designed and engineered to achieve outstanding performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point. Excellent build quality, reliability and ease of use combine to make a product which will offer a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Omitting all the usual gimmicks allows us to concentrate the manufacturing costs on the high quality parts necessary to reproduce records accurately.

Rega RP1 Turntable using a manual speed change rather than an automatic mechanism, eliminates speed inconsistencies and reduces wear of the drive belt.

The money we save is spent across the design including a new hand assembled RB101 tonearm, precision main bearing, phenolic resin platter and a high quality low vibration motor which would normally be used on a turntable costing two or three times the amount.

The minimalist design of the Rega RP1 Turntable and the use of extremely high quality components ensure that this turntable will last for many years.

The Rega RP1 Turntable is the first in a new generation of Rega turntables offering far greater performance than their predecessors. We are confident the performance of this amazing new product will impress you. Rest assured the only thing entry level about the Rega RP1 Turntable is the price!

Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable


Make no mistake – despite it’s price, the Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable is an audiophile’s turntable. Its design is simplified to bring the cost down to an affordable entry-level, but it retains many of the innovations that have made Music Hall a competitor in the high-end market.

The construction of the Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable focuses on the critical music making components; the main bearing, motor, and arm. The plinth is a basic design – high gloss finish on solid MDF, similar to the Pro-Ject Debut III, with the asynchronous motor decoupled from the plinth by a rubber ring. The bearing is a precision stainless-steel and bronze assembly that operates smoothly and silently. It also features a one-piece, highly rigid alloy tonearm.

The all-manual operation limits the number of moving parts and cuts noise. Combined with the top-tier build quality, it also ensures that it will last a lifetime, and the gloss black finish adds great looks to the fantastic sound of this turntable. Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable comes stock with a Music Hall Tracker Moving-Magnet cartridge, designed by Goldring.

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