What DJ Headphones Should I Buy?

What DJ Headphones Should I Buy? There are so many choices of professional DJ headphone in the market.

So, this is all criteria how to choose best DJ Headphone.

Accurate sound reproduction is not of utmost concern here. DJ headphones should provide enhanced lows and crisp highs. It’s the kick drums, snares, and hi-hats you’re paying attention to when mixing, not intricate sonic details. For tech specs, here are some approximate guidlines:

Frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz is the standard, you can go wider, but it’s not necessary.

Drivers that are 40mm or larger for louder lows.

For impedance, look for a model with a rating of 25 ohms or more.

Over the head, around the neck, the one-hand-single-ear hold — DJs constantly twist and forcefully form fit headphones, and a proper pair should be able to take the abuse (at least for a year or two). Check how strong the joints / hinges are and the quality of the materials used.

However you wear them, DJ headphones should be comfortable. Check for headband padding, quality of the ear pads, and adjustability. Further, swiveling or rotating cups might provide better fit, and if you like to move around in the DJ booth, look for headphones with coiled and/or detachable cords.

Single Cord Design
If the headphones have two cords coming from the ear pieces, they’re not DJ headphones. DJ headphones always have single cord design for less tangles and booth accidents.

Folding Design
Do they fold into a portable shape? How easy is it to stuff them into your bag (with limited space) at the end of the night? Headphones that don’t fold tend to break during transport.

My Favorite DJ headphone is Pioneer HDJ-2000 because it’s Reference Professional Dj Headphones and used by DJ Anna Mac too.

HDJ-2000 provide superior sound insulation, making it easy to cue up the next track, even in noisy clubs and discos. The insulating material inside the headphones and ear pads provide a tight seal, contributing to clear reproduction of mids and highs. While designed for DJ use, these headphones are also suitable for the studio.

Pioneer HDJ-2000

The HDJ-2000’s flexible protein leather has a soft, natural feel, ideal for ear pad and head pad surfaces that touch the skin. The HDJ-2000s fold into a compact configuration for easy carrying and comes with a pouch for easy transport.

The housing turns 90 degrees for more convenient single-ear, on-shoulder, and various other monitoring styles. It automatically pops back into position after it’s swiveled.

The HDJ-2000 fold into a compact configuration for easy carrying.

BUY Pioneer HDJ-2000 NOW

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