Ardamus Mobile Version can be accessed via your mobile browser more quickly because we’ve converted into a lighter mobile version for your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

Some days I am preoccupied with making the design of new DJ T-Shirt. Until now, I’ve made 60 DJ T-Shirt inspired by the Top 100 DJ version DJ Mag , still 40 DJ T-Shirt to created.

Amid the bustle that I had, I take the time to make a mobile version of With the help of Mobile Press WordPress plugin, now you can see all the collection of DJ T-Shirt with your mobile browser.

However, you can not do the order through a mobile version of Process orders still go through your browser on your Mac, PC or your computer tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc).

So, have you ever tried to access DJ T-Shirt from the browser of your handphone?

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