13 DJ T-Shirt Design on Ardamus Website

Dear Ardamus Friends,
Finally we are here, in 2013! So many stories that I want to share with you.

First,, we are very confuse with this production place. We are base on Asia, but mostly our customers from USA. So, we decide to produce some t-shirt for USA customers in USA. We thought, with we can cut the handling and shipping time for USA buyers. But the problem is, the quality of t-shirt is very different with ASIA t-shirt result. Asia’s got better t-shirt. But, in Asia we can’t give you fast shipping. At least 2-5 weeks to arrive.

So here it is


  • Fast delivery time (5-7 days)
  • Average Quality T-Shirt


  • Very Low of delivery time (14-32 days)
  • High Quality T-Shirt

If you are customers, whice one do you like? Do you want to wait but get high quality t-shirt? Of fast shipping but the t-shirt has one level below the Asia?

Second,, we create more collection DJ T-Shirt for your inspiration. We plan to create all 100 DJ T-Shirts in Top 100 DJ ver DJ Mag. It’s mean.. 69 t-shirt to go. Fiuhh.. It’s hard!

Why? Because my designer is house wife with lots of home work to do. So, if she can create 30 DJ T-Shirt design in 1 month, it’s fantastic! I hope for good news from her next month *cross my finger*

At this month January 2013, we have 13 DJ T-Shirts design


  1. Paul van Dyk DJ T-Shirt
  2. Nicky Romero DJ T-Shirt
  3. ATB DJ T-Shirt
  4. Ferry Corsten DJ T-Shirt
  5. Axwell DJ T-Shirt
  6. Dada Life DJ T-Shirt
  7. W&W DJ T-Shirt
  8. Fedde Le Grand DJ T-Shirt
  9. Noisecontrollers DJ T-Shirt
  10. Arty DJ T-Shirt
  11. Laidback Luke DJ T-Shirt
  12. Kaskade DJ T-Shirt
  13. Calvin Harris DJ T-Shirt


We do not sell all DJ T-Shirt on this website at least there is request from you as customer to buy it. Because The logo or picture in all DJ T-Shirt are trademark of their respective companies. You will buy it with your own risk, because all DJ T-Shirt are Made by Order and not official or not licensed. All DJ T-Shirt Design in Ardamus site is just inspiration for you as Disc Jockeys (DJ) and clubbers to make better t-shirt than that.

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