12 Facts DJ Hardwell you should know

As a biggest fans of DJ Hardwell, we make own version “12 facts of DJ Hardwell” that you must know.

Fact # 1 DJ Hardwell

The real name of DJ Hardwell is Robbert van de Corput. He become the #1 world DJ on the chart based on DJ Magazine’s annual top 100 DJs poll in 2013.

Fact # 2 DJ Hardwell

DJ Hardwell started to play music by playing piano in age 4 and signed into major label by the age of 13. When he was 14 yours old, he began to be DJing at the reputable clubs in the Netherlands.

Fact # 3 DJ Hardwell

DJ Hardwell mentor and biggest inspiration is Tiesto. This Facts About DJ Hardwell makes his music looks like DJ Tiesto’s. But he has his own style of music.

Fact # 4 DJ Hardwell

The first Hardwell’s remixing debut was started in 2006. His first underdog project has known as Summer Jam and it hits the club successfully.

Fact # 5 DJ Hardwell

Hardwell formed his own label in 2010, the name of his label is Revealed Recordings. After the launch of Revealed Recordings, Hardwell released a compilation album with the name of “Hardwell presents Revealed”. This album has made by featuring the label’s biggest tracks of the year.

Fact # 6 DJ Hardwell

He has a radio show and a podcast stream called Hardwell On Air and the show has been broadcasting in more than 35 international radio stations. He also own 1 hour DJ show called “Hardwell On Air” every week on youtube. His podcast has a spot in iTunes and becomes the top 10 Podcast in more than 40 countries.

Fact # 7 DJ Hardwell

His biggest club track is “Zero 76”. This single made with Tiesto and becomes his first single to chart at #1 on Beatport and US iTunes chart.

Fact # 8 DJ Hardwell

He started to enter DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs annual port in 2011. In that age, he was #24 with his hits, “Encoded” and “Cobra”.

Fact # 9 DJ Hardwell

Hardwell biggest track in 2012 was solo original which had known as “Spaceman”. This track was released in over 25 countries and scored at #1 in the Beatport chart. For now, it has more than 15 million views on YouTube.

Fact # 10 DJ Hardwell

In July 2012, Hardwell performed at the main stage of Tomorrowland music festival and has been watched with over 19 millions views on live set and YouTube.

Fact # 11 DJ Hardwell

Hardwell launched his tour in April 2013. This first phase of this tour saw sold out shows in Jakarta, Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore, Lisbon and London.

Fact # 12 DJ Hardwell

Hardwell release his own documentary: I AM HARDWELL. The official red carpet premiere will take place on October 17th in the famous Amsterdam cinema, Tuschinski. The documentary provides a captivating inside-look on Hardwell that is just as rare as the story behind the dance music phenomenon during a period when Hardwell’s international success grew exponentially.

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