10 Things/Facts About Steve Aoki

10 Facts About Steve Aoki

#1 Steve Aoki’s father, former professional wrestler Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki, founded the first Benihana restaurant in 1965 in New York City.

#2 Steve Aoki Credits His Father With Showing Him Proper Brand Marketing. Steve has said that he learned how to properly market his brand from his father’s work with Benihana.

#3 Steve Aoki Used to be in a Punk Band and hardcore. After their split, Steve started out DJing indie and hip-hop tracks, which eventually lead to him producing his own remixes and original material.

#4 Steve Aoki Was Straight-Edge in College, not touching alcohol or drugs. And while he’s known today for spraying crowds with champagne, Steve says he doesn’t drink alcohol these days.

#5 Steve Aoki Learned How to DJ from DJ AM. He started his friendship with DJ AM in 2004, and in no time AM was showing Aoki how to scratch and beat-match.

#6Steve Aoki Co-Owns Deckstar. The current Deckstar roster includes NERVO, Gina Turner, Travis Barker, blink-182, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and many other artists.

#7 Steve Aoki was Featured in “2K8” and “2K9”, videogames as a mystery player.

#8 Steve Aoki was the Highest Grossing DJ During the First Half of 2012, it’s about $4.5 million during the first half of 2012, based on an 88-city tour with $32 ticket prices, edging out both Avicii and Bassnectar.

#9 Steve Portrayed Himself and guest-starred as a DJ in a nightclub on the show “Arrow”.

#10 Steve Aoki Considered His Grammy Nomination His Biggest Accomplishment.

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